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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

Production Team

Geof Thurber

Sound Design

Geof Thurber is co-owner of Heart Punch Studio Inc., an audio post production facility in the Allston neighborhood of Boston that provides sound mixing and design as well as narration and ADR services.

Geof started his audio career as a professional musician touring for 15 years as a bass player. He began sound designing in 1991. Emmy nominated, he has created soundscapes that range from the bottom of the ocean to distant galaxies. His primary approach is one of using effected “organic” sound f/x (such as various animal & human elements) combined with aggressive electronically generated f/x.

For this film, he was able to employ the large library of “archival” sound effects that the studio has collected over the years to add realism to the historical footage. In the end, the main goal was hopefully to support and amplify the story and writing, not overwhelm it.

Thurber is also an experienced Foley artist and works closely with all Heart Punch clients.
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updated: 9 years ago