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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

Production Team

Richard Bock

Audio Mix

Richard Bock is an Emmy-award winning sound mixer with more than 30 years' experience. He spent eighteen years at WGBH mixing shows for such series as Nova, Frontline, and American Experience. He now works independently for a variety of clients including PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet. He has worked with filmmaker Rick Beyer on a variety of projects over the last ten years, including Timelab 200, A Wired World, The Wright Challenge, Secrets of Jamestown, and Godspeed to Jamestown.  Seven years ago, he and his wife, Henrietta Davis, hosted the very first fundraiser for The Ghost Army, (along with Rick's sister Cathy Hurst,) helping the fledgling project to get launched.  
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updated: 9 years ago