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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

The Film

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"Riveting, fascinating...unbelievable...this film is an astonishment."

-Rick Kogan, WBEZ Radio, Chicago

"Eye-opening and entertaining...don't miss it."
-World War II Magazine

"A World War II combat movie...taken over by a Looney Tunes cartoon."
-The Boston Globe

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theghostarmy 470

Eight years in the making, the documentary premiered on PBS in 2013 and was awarded a CINE Golden Eagle. It has since been broadcast in more than fifteen countries, and is currently available on home video.

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The Ghost Army of World War II

by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles

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"Well written, lively, and informative, a complete pleasure to read."

-America in World War II

"The Ghost Army of World War II describes a perfect example of a little-known, highly imaginative, and daring maneuver that helped open the way for the final drive to Germany. It is a riveting tale told through personal accounts and sketches along the way—ultimately, a story of success against great odds. I enjoyed it enormously."

-Tom Brokaw, NBC Special Correspondent, author of The Greatest Generation.

"Brings to life a whale of a tale of World War II innovation – one laced with brash creativity. The notion of a special Army unit using dummy equipment, mobile loudspeakers, officer impersonations and foul rumors to deceive German forces seems outlandish, but the tactics worked. This theater-goes-to-war story is finely told, beautifully illustrated, an important contribution."

-Gordon H. “Nick” Mueller, PhD, President & CEO of The National WWII Museum

"Five very big stars to The Ghost Army of World War II, by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles. A beautiful and wildly entertaining book that captures the spirit of the courageous and innovative men of the Ghost Army. It is also an astonishingly complete visual record of the American GI’s experience from training to deployment in the European Theatre during the Second World War. An important book -- every school and public library should add this to their collection. And likewise, every WWII history buff will want to have it on their keeper shelves to read again and again."

-Suzanne Brockman, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles’ The Ghost Army of World War II is a fascinating read, and a fun one as well. The well-paced narrative belies the substantial research behind this unusual story, of the top-secret unit that “deceived the enemy with inflatable tanks, sound effects, and other audacious fakery”. And audacious is the right word for this daring side show that protected Patton’s flank and other American soldiers. Plus, the original art is superb, and frequently humorous. I knew about the efforts to distract the Nazis with a buildup of fake armaments in Britain prior to D-Day, but I never knew about the multi- talented GIs who continued this “magic show” in Europe. This book is a well-crafted account of the amazing combination of shenanigans and tremendous courage that characterized the Twenty Third Headquarters Specal Troops."

-Libby O'Connel, Ph.D., Chief Historian, the History Channel, author of The American Plate: A Culinary Hstory in 100 Bites.

"The Ghost Army of World War II is a veritable hive of fascinating information based on sound research. It’s apparent that Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles enjoy the subject with a level of dedication and passion that warms the hearts of irascible military historians such as me. I heartily commend this book.”

-Martin King, military historian, author of The Tigers of Bastogne

"This book is a complete delight. An engaging account of the battlefield sleights of American GI artists during WWII, it is unprecedented in the breadth and detail of its telling. The suspense of its text is enlivened by a wealth of on-scene photographs, artists’ sketchbooks, diaries and other compelling first-person accounts. This is the eyewitness story of the Ghost Army as told by the artists who made it succeed."

Roy R. Behrens, author of False Colors: Art, Design and Modern Camouflage

Published by Princeton Architectural Press

Where to buy the book

In the US:

Barnes and Noble

Your local Independent bookstore

In the UK:

Abrams and Chronicle



Also available as an audio book from
Listen to the first chapter below

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The Film

The Making of...

The Making of

Rick Beyer interviews Ghost Army veteran jack McGlynn.

Filmmaker Rick Beyer began work on The Ghost Army in 2005. The first group of more than 20 interviews with veterans of the unit were done at their last official reunion in Washington DC, in September of 2005.  Over the following several years, other veterans were interviewed in New York, Portland Oregon, Las Vegas, and Medford MA.  Rick and Marilyn Beyer traveled to Europe in 2008 to follow the route of the Ghost Army across France, Germany, and Luxembourg, and filmed at several locales.  

The story is told with the help of carefully-researched archive footage from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and other archive sources in the US and Germany. There are also nearly 200 wartime photos and artworks created by the men in the unit. The result is a rich and personal telling of this amazing story.

Support for the film has come from more than 500 individual donors. The film could not have been made without their generosity.

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What People Are Saying

We believe this could be a very interesting and unique historical program that could find a welcome audience on public television.
Steven J. Schupak, Vice President, Televesion Programming, Maryland Public Televison

The Ghost Armys  story is one that needs to be told, and you are well on your way to telling it with substance and style.  I am happy to give your project the whole-hearted endorsement of The Natonal World War II Museum.
Samuel J. Wegner, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Traveling Exhibit

Exhibit Overview

Exhibit Overview
The extraordinary story of The Ghost Army is now available as a traveling exhibit. Produced  in partnership between the University of Michigan and Plate of Peas Productions, the exhibit displays many rare photographs and works of art created by men in the unit.  It premiered at the university's Hatcher Graduate Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“As we began to let people know about the exhibit, we found that interest grew rapidly and enthusiasm spread throughout our community.  The Ghost Army story is one people are excited to learn about!”

-Karen Jordan, Exhibits and Outreach Librarian, University of Michigan

The exhibit has since been expanded and modified by co-curators Rick Beyer and Liz Sayles. The newest addition to the exhibit is a realistic replica of the inflatable tanks used by the unit. The exhibithas been displayed, in different configurations, in New City NY, Mechanciville NY, Lexington MA, Beverly MA, Neillsville WI, and Woonsocket, RI.  It is headed to Naples, Florida and Cinncinnati Ohio in the spring of 2014.

Here are some photos of the exhibit in it different locales.

theghostarmy 231
ghostarmy 231

theghostarmy 231

theghostarmy 231

ghostarmy 231

ghostarmy 231

ghostarmy 231

ghostarmy 231

Sample Comments left by visitors to the exhibit:

“Intriguing. Makes me feel proud. Such ingenuity.”

“Poignant artwork gives meaningful insights into some private moments”

“This is a story that should be told many times over.  Thanks for sharing it with us.”

There is also a separate exhibit of original Ghost Army art that has been exhibited in Nyack, NY and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

• Booking the Exhibit

• Seeing the Exhibit

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Production Team

Rick Beyer

Rick Beyer
Rick Beyer is an award-winning documentary producer, a successful author, and a long-time student of history.

He has produced numerous documentaries for The History Channel, The National Geographic Channel, The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and others. Credits include Expedition Apocalypse, Emancipation Proclamation, The Wright Challenge (winner of a Parents Choice award) Secrets of Jamestown, and Timelab 2000, an award-winning series of history minutes hosted by Sam Waterston.

He is also the author of The Greatest Stories Never Told series of history books. The fifth book in the series, The Greatest Music Stories Never Told is scheduled for publication in 2011. A resident of Lexington, Massachusetts, he frequently writes and lectures on history, and has appeared on NPR, CNN Fox News and numerous other media outlets.  

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Press Release

Here is the full press release for THE GHOST ARMY, with information on the film, filmmaker, and all the participants. Click on the Photos link at right to find high-res photographs cleared for media use.  

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The Film

How It All Got Started

"This film was born at a Starbucks coffee shop in the summer of 2005", says filmmaker Rick Beyer. "It never would have happened without my good friend Mark Tomizawa making the connection." Mark, president of Smash Advertising,was serving on a non-profit board with Martha Gavin, whose uncle, John Jarvie, served in the Ghost Army. Martha was passionate in her belief that someone should make a documentary about the unit, and Mark said he knew a documentary filmmaker who might be interested. "When we met at Starbucks, Martha brought Johns notebooks with all his wartime sketches. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I was hooked," says Rick. "Shes really been the wind in our sails. "No one has worked harder to make this film a reality. "

Make a Secure Donation Now

The Ghost Army

Rick Beyer and Martha Gavin flank Martha's uncle, John Jarvie, a veteran of the Ghost Army.

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The Authors

theghostarmy 767
Rick Beyer is a best-selling author, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a longtime history enthusiast. Beyer first heard about the Ghost Army in 2005 and began work on an independent documentary film about the unit, The Ghost Army, which premiered on PBS in 2013. He has also made documentary films for History, National Geographic Channel, A&E, the Smithsonian Institution, and many others.

He is the author of the popular The Greatest Stories Never Told series of history books, described by the Chicago Tribune as “an old-fashioned sweetshop full of tasty morsels.” He also wrote Rivals Unto Death: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Beyer and his wife, Marilyn Rea Beyer, live in Chicago.

theghostarmy 767
Elizabeth Sayles is an award-winning illustrator of children’s books. She has illustrated more than twenty-nine books, including I Already Know I Love You by Billy Crystal, a New York Times bestseller, as well as The Goldfish Yawned, which Liz also wrote.

Sayles grew up on stories of the Ghost Army told by her father,William Sayles. She worked with Rick Beyer to curate an exhibition of Ghost Army art at the Edward Hopper House Art Center in Nyack,New York, one of many art shows she has cocurated.

Sayles is an adjunct professor of illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and at the City University of New York, Queens. She lives in the lovely Hudson Valley, New York, with her husband,Matt Dow, and their daughter, Jessica.

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Funding Honor Roll

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This is a list of the generous people who have donated to the Ghost Army. It was last updated in early December 2012. Everyone who has donated at the "Donor" level or higher will be listed in the credits of the theatrical/home video version of the film.

If you are one of the hundreds of people on the list, we honor you for making this film possible. You can rightly claim a big part of the credit. As for the rest of you, if you want to make the list, you know what you have to do:

Make a Secure Donation Now

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Barbara Moses & Matt Grayson
Richard W. Mark & Maura Harway
Thomas Moers Mayer & Jerri Sines Mayer

theghostarmy 438

Karen & Paul Isaac
Richard & Kathryn Kimball
The John Anson Kittredge Fund


Larry & Jennifer Clark
Contrarian Capital
Historical Society of Rockland County NY
Tom and Carla Fortmann
Bob Gaffney
Martha Gavin
theghostarmy 438
Doug Greenig
Craig Albert & Adrienne Koch
Robert and Daran Mayer
The Riedl Family
Kevin & Kristin Rover
Jeff Davis & Paula Schaeffer


Elkan & Susan Isaacs Abramowitz
Aram & Arletta Beloian
Leo Beranek
Kathleen Butler
Carol Ann Meyer & Christopher S. Carstens
Paul Doherty
Marsha Baker & Harry Forsdick
Ruth W. Friendly
George & Christina Gamota
Timothy Jackson
John Maloney
Richard & Lisa Paige
theghostarmy 438
Joanne Patton
Susan Bennett and John Rosenberg
Kim Seale
C. Bowes Sheridan
Peter & Jeanne Sheridan
Elsa Sullivan
Peter Threadgill
James Malley & Laura Torrado
Erika Vrabel
Paul & Carol Lynne Weaver
Erika Young


Ralph Sager & Margaret Beyer
Joshua Brain
Bob Breit
Margaret Butler
Coastal capital
Edward & Patricia De Sear
Gregory Dowd
Jeffrey Dowd
R Hilliard Ebling
Roy Eichhorn
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Filmore
Barry & Diana Gelston
Elizabeth Glazer
Gregory & Janice Gormican
Annette Gonthier Kiely
Babette & Peter Loring
William Lyman
Jonathan Mark
Cornelius McCarthy
theghostarmy 438

John & Mary McGlynn
Edward Moriarty & Emily McPhillips
Susan Bernfield & Claude Millman
John J. Donvan & Ranit Mishori
Christina Olmedo
Jennifer & Gary Palardy
Maj. Gen.l George A. Rebh
Sally B West Living Trust
Richard Schwartz
John and Marsha Shyer
Joseph & Carol Spence
Paul & Nancy Tanguay
Daniel & Jeannine Thomasch
Gregory & Cecilia Thomson
Richard L. Thorne Jr & Lois A. Walsh
David & Lois Wells


Richard E. Alterman
David Baldwin
Barbara Barnes
Chris & Carol Bateman
Clark Baxter
Edward & Laura Bell
Robert & Ellen Beyer
Bob Borders
Bill Boswell
Gail Boyajian
Stephanie Bristol
Mary Buchbinder
Gregory & Nancy Cannon
Hyuk Chung
D. Barbara Ciampa
Alan M. Barstow & Jennifer R. Clarke
James M. Davis
Michael and Delores Demerath
John Dodds
Doran Family
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (Matching)
Harold and Ruthann Flinn
Christopher & Andrea Galligan
Ned Harris
Francis N. Janis & Mitchell Harwood
Douglas Holmes
Paul Horvitz
Christine Hughes
theghostarmy 438
David Julier & Catherine Beyer Hurst
James & Maryanne Ray Ibach
Adrian & Andrea Jackson
William & Leslie Jacques
Thomas & Sarah Janover
David & Denise Jarvie
Mary & Edward Jelinek
Morton G Kahan MD
Georgianne Kasuli
Don & Meg Kelley
William & Yvette Kirby
Edgar Knudson
Christian Halabi & Carolyn Langelier
Robert Oppenheim and Terra Levin
Forrest Lewis
Douglas J. Luckerman
David McAlpin, Jr.
Michael McGlynn
Kevin McGuire
McHugh & Company, Inc.
Melanie McLaughlin (Project)
Marilyn & John McWeeney
Mandy Minichiello
Christian Nagler
David & Patricia Nelson
Joseph & Molly Nye, Jr
James J. O'Neill
Richard & Jane Pagett
Julie Partridge
Beverly Payeff
Bill and Maureen Poole
William and Dorthy Rea
Robert Duncan & Julia M. Reade
Bartlett Leber & Drew Rockwell
Gene Mackles & Kathy Rosen
Kristy Rudel
Kathleen Schaefer
Edwin Eisendrath and Jennifer Schulze
Jann Grace Seale
Ernest Van B. Seasholes
Gilbert Seltzer
Richard Seltzer
Hans Hielman & Nancy Shephard
Epp Sonin
Mary Spence
Jack & Kathleen Strettar
Margaret Thomason
Gloria & Joseph Vadus
Michael and Paula Vosburgh
Amy Woodward & Leonard Weiser-Varon
Orrin & Robin Zucker

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AIG Matching Gift Program
Bruce and Cindy Albrecht
Dale Albrecht
Taylor Armerding
Smoki Bacon
Anne Bagamery
Richard & Erin Barbato
Jamie Barth
Steven & Suzanne Bennett
William & Anne Benninghoff
Jocelyn Benzaia
Debra & George Bergeris
Michele Bernier
David & Christine Bertoni
Marilyn Rea Beyer
Beyer, Blinder and Belle Architects
Julie Neuber Bishop
William and Janic Blanchard
Linda Blumetti
Henrietta Davis & Richard Bock
Diane Bogosian
Bob Borders
Debbi Borders-Ralph
John & Mary Bou
Mr. & Mrs. John Bowden
Joseph Brain
Peter & Beatrice Britton
Edward Brown
Claudia Brown
Edward Brown
Doug Brown
Linda Button
Mark Tomizawa & Linda Button
Carolyn Spence Cagle
Ann Marie Carroll
Valerie Robin & Brian Cavanaugh
Tom & Michelle Chatellier
William & Rosemarie Codus
Norman P. Cohen
Barbara M.Moran & Brian Collins
Jody Collins
Frederick Conrad
Robert & Esther Conrad
Patricia Elen Costello
Robert and Michaelyn Crain
Bonnie L. Crane
Bill Crittenden
Caroline Cunningham
Nathaniel Dahl
Anne L. Dahlstedt
Philip Davis
Gene Davis (Pirinate)
Austin de Besche
Dennis & Alice DelDonno
Scott Devendorf
Vinent and Rita DiFiore
Allen Dors
Marybeth Dougherty
William Sayles & Elizabeth Sayles Dow
Peter Durfee
Arielle Eckstut
Linda Edgerly
Steve & Joyce Elioupolos
Michael & Gayle Epp
Bernice H. Fallick
Charles & Mary Favazzo
Claudia Fenderson
Karon Flage
Mark Flage
Doe Florsheim
Therese M. Flynn
Theresa Flynn
Patricia Fouhy
theghostarmy 438
Louis Foundos
Donald H Fox
Scott and Nancy Fraser
Janet Freeman
Henry A. & Audrey Duva Frissora MD
Katharine G. Galaitsis
Ruth Gardner
Sandra M. Gasbarro
Gina Leto & Frederick Gay
Jason Smith & Alison Giblin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Giblin
Barry & Sara Goldberg
Deborah Gordon
Richard M. Griswold, Jr.
William & Shelly Grody
Kurt and Carrie Anne Gunter
Nicholas L. Gunther
Bradley Klein & Danielle E. Gustafson
Craig Gutowski
Carolyn Hackett
Barbara C. Hall
John Hardman
Beth Harrington
Johnson & Cynthia Hay
Joyce Lafazia Heimbecker
Lisa Hickler
Charles Hoffman
Diane Howard
Mr. & Mrs. David Isaman
Maria Jagalla
Susan Jankovich
Fred Johnson
George Johnson
Michael Kalil
Deirdre & Howard Kartstein
Marilyn Kass
Jay R. Kaufman
James & Paula Kemler
Lauren Kennedy
Linda Kenyon
John & Carol Kimbrough
Howard and Linda Kloempken
Ivan Klumpar
Linda Konopka
George Kosar
Steve Eppinger & Julie Laukkanen
James & Anne Lee
Marianne Leese
Liz Linder
Joseph and Jacqueline Lofgren
Jean LoPresti
Babette & Peter Loring
Linda & Steven Luz-Alterman
Robert Mackey
James & Victoria Macmillan
Jeremy & Patricia Main
Jack Masey
Edward & Christel McCarthy
George & Karen Mechem
A. Melein
Linda Lutz and Steve Meyer
A. Howard & Sharon Metro
Nancy and Paul Miller
Richard & Marion Mooney
Hans Morkisch
Dillard Morrison
Jane Morse
Susan and Marc Mulvey
Jack Murray
Maureen Myers
NYSE Group (Matching Gustafson)
Mark and Michelle O'Neill
Ed Odgen
Diane Olberg
Fred Wikf abd Deborah Paisner
Robert A. Paratore
Malcolm Parkinson
John & Heidi Petronio
Katharine Pierce
Ardith Platt
Anne Pollack
Gervasio & Mary Pat Prado
David Pronchick
Douglsas Propp
Joanna Proulx
Joan Quinn
Alan Rappaport
The Honorable Thomas J. Ratcliff, USA (Ret)
Russell & Audrey Ray
Gary & Bonita Reed
Dennis & Mary Reilly
Neva Reiner
Ricotta LLC
Lois & Walter Riley
Ellen Mardock and Tom Robison
Jordan and Joyce Roderick
Paul Ross
Jonathan & Lisa Sack
Douglas & Laurie Sanders
Susan Sayles-Waldek
Marilyn Scimone
Loryn Sheffner
Lorraine P. Silva
Don Slepian
Ed and Diane Smith
Allen L. Snyder
Thomas Squier
John Squier
Peter Starr
Deborah Stein
Lynnell Stern
Howard & Elizabeth Stone
Edward & Cathy Sullivan
Gerald Swislow
Temple Isiah Brotherhood
The Douglas Group
Mary & David Thielscher
Ann Thorsell
Andy Tompkins
Lance Trollinger
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Paul and Sue Warn
Buck Weaver
Betsy Weaver
Susan Weissman
Kathleen & Christopher Weld
Charles Nelson & Gwen Werner
Kefira Wilderman
John Wilhelm, Jr.
Andrea Williams
Bill & Katie Winter


Jan Aber
Gene Agnew
L.A. Andolfo Andolfo
Keith & Judy Asarkof
Steven Aslesen
Jane Donahue & Matthew G. Austin
Andrea Axelrod
William Aydelott
Christine Hardy Ayers
David Backer
Robin Baker
Joann Baquilod
Lisa Watson Barr
Susan Barrera
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barrett
Dorothy Basile
Augusta & Regina Bello
Harry Bennett
Ruth Ann Bennett
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WG AND PA Bloomquist
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In-Kind Donations

David Allen Animated Tiles and Poster/Postcard design
Richard Bock Sound Mixing
Linda ButtonMarketing Consulting
Martha GavinFundraiser Expenses
Gene MacklesDesign of fundraising material
RumbleStrip Sound Mixing for promos
Liz SaylesDesign of Fundraising material
Spire Fine Art Printing Printing of Artists of Deception

If you believe that you have been left off the list by error, or if you notice some other mistake, PLEASE email I want to make sure that everyone who donated to the project is recognized here.

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High-res photos cleared for media use

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The Film

Film Festival Entries

Film Festival Entries
The Ghost Army has been entered into ten film festivals so far.  Every one  is highly competitive, and we will be very lucky to get into one or two. This page lists festivals which have either selected the film, or are still considering it.  

Salem Film Fest
Salem, MA
Notification Date: Early Jan.
Festival Dates:  3/7/13 -3/14/13

Austin, Tx.
Notification Date:  2/9/13
Festival Dates: 3/8/13  - 3/17/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Ann Arbor Film Festival
Ann Arbor, MI
Notification Date: 2/22/13
Festival Dates: 3/19/13 – 3/24/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Durham, NC
Notification Date:3/1/2013
Festival Dates:  4/4/2013-4/7/2013
Status:  Under Consideration

IFF Boston
Boston, MA
Notification Date: 3/25/13
Festival Dates:  4/24/13 – 4/30/13

GI Film Festival
Washington, DC
Notification Date: 4/1/12
Festival Dates: 5/6/13 - 5/12/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Depending on what happens, the film may also be entered into these festivals.

Rhode Island


updated: 9 years ago

Production Team

Peter Coyote


Peter Coyote
Actor Peter Coyote has appeared in more than 100 movies (including E.T.) and television shows. He is an Emmy-award winning narrator who has given voice to more than 150 documentary films, including recent Ken Burns film such as The Dust Bowl and The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

From 1975 to1983 Peter was a member of the California State Arts Council, and this interest in art and artists was central to his interest in narrating the The Ghost Army.

He is a politically engaged person who has championed a multitude of causes. He is also an avid outdoorsman as well as a guitarist and songwriter. He lives in Marin County in Northern California with his wife Stephanie Pleet.

updated: 10 years ago

The Experts

Gen. Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark deception The Ghost Army
General Wesley  Clark spent 34 years in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of 4-star general and NATO Supreme Allied Commander. Clark has received numerous military awards, including the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. In August 2000, General Clark was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the nation’s highest civilian honor. A Rhodes Scholar, he is author of the best selling books Waging Modern War and Winning Modern Wars, and the editor of the Great Generals book series. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Traveling Exhibit

Booking the Exhibit

The exhibit easily fits into a 1500 square foot space. It consists of approximately 50 pieces. Most are laminated onto heavy duty panels with Velcro on the back for mounting onto walls or dividers supplied by the exhibitor. There are also four freestanding banner stands, each holding a six foot high banner; four 48-inch fabric banners with rod pockets top and bottom; and four 95” tall pieces on adhesive backed vinyl which are optional (at additional cost).

Supplemental materials include a short video piece on DVD; CD with tank sound effects; and camouflage netting. More materials are being developed.

Rental costs depend on the nature of the exhibiting organization, whether or not admission is being charged, the length of time the materials are needed, and what (if any) customization is desired.

For more information contact:

Rick Beyer

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Press Kit

This is an electronic press kit for The Ghost Army of World War II published by Princeton Architectural Press. It contains high-res images and material on the book, as well as a link to the book trailer. Any of the images below may be used for publication in a story about the book or the authors.

Here is a link to the book trailer: The embed code and instructions for downloading can be found on the Vimeo page.

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:30 Customizable promo (HD)

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Production Team

Matt Mariano


Matt Mariano
Matthew Mariano (SESAC) composes music for high profile films and television. He is a classically trained pianist and has the unique ability to perform on multiple instruments. Having attended Berklee College of Music, Matt has studied Composition, Music Synthesis, and Audio Engineering. Matt Mariano's productions are based out of his Encino, CA studio. His music can currently be heard every week in FOX's show Raising Hope. W

Filmmaker Rick Beyer has worked with Matt on more than half a dozen films over the last 10 years, including The History Channel documentaries  The Wright Challenge, and Secrets of Jamestown.

When he’s not writing music, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and photography."

See Matt at work!

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Dillard Morrison

Director of Photography

Dillard Morrison

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Jon Neuburger


Jon Neuburger is a veteran editor who has worked on numerous films for the PBS series American Experience, NOVA, and Frontline. He has also edited films for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. Credits include Victory in the Pacific (Amex), George H. W. Bush Part 2 (Amex), Sick Around America (Frontline), Space Shuttle Disaster (NOVA) and Expedition Apocalypse (National Geographic Channel.) He lives and works in Boston, MA.

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The Experts

Roy Eichhorn

Before his retirement, Roy was the Director, Research and Development, US Army Combined Arms Center, US Army Command and General Staff College. He has done extensive research on the Ghost Army and other US military deception efforts, and used the Ghost Army as a case study in his teaching.  He also has a personal connection to the unit--his father, George Martin, was the official photographer of the 603rd Camouflage Engineers.

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DIY Press Release for Families

A great way to promote the PBS broadcast of The Ghost Army documentary for veterans and their families to send press releases to local media.  This includes all veterans of the unit, not just those in the film. If you are interested in doing that,  here are some thoughts on how to approach it.

  1. At the bottom of the page is a link to download a customizable template for a press release you can send to local media.  To find out the exact time the film will be on your local PBS station, check there. You should feel free to adjust the press release to make it work for your particular situation. Make sure you put contact info for whoever is sending the press release.
  2. The website of your local paper probably has an email you can submit the press release to. You should submit as soon as possible, ideally by May 3.  And don’t forget to submit to the local edition of The Patch.  If the veteran belongs to an organization that has a newsletter, such as the American Legion, VFW, Rotary, etc, send it there as well.  
  3. Pictures are important. You can use the Photos link to the right download high-res photos you submit with the release. But most important is a photo of the veteran that the story is about, preferably from WWII. If you have such a photo, scan it with a resolution of at least 300 DPI, and save it as a jpeg, Send 2-3 photos in the email with your press release. You can also just give them the link to the page and let them download themselves.  If you plan to deliver the press release by hand or postal mail, you can burn the photos to a DVD and attach them.
  4. If the veteran is available to be interviewed, mention that in the email you send with the press release. You may also say that Filmmaker Rick Beyer is  available for interviews over the phone - the contacts for The Ghost Army PR team are on the bottom of the release.
  5. It is a good idea to follow up by phone a few days after you send the press release, just to make sure it reached a real person.  

Best of luck! Every little bit helps, and I want to do everything I can to draw attention to the service of the men in this unit. Questions?  Email

Note:  The template is downloadable in two Word formats:  .doc and .docx  Use whichever one is compatible with your computer.

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The Experts

Jon Gawne

Jon Gawne
Jonathan Gawne M. Ed., M.A. is a military historian specializing in the U.S. Army from 1916-1945. His main interests are in the development of uniforms and equipment, insignia, and documenting little known units that might otherwise be forgotten.

He has written a number of books, including Spearheading D-Day, Battle for Brest, Finding Your Father's War, and Ghosts of the ETO, a book that draws on numerous interviews with veterans and extensive archival research to tell the story of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.  In addition he has written a number of articles on various aspects of the American Army, and has been a principal contributor to Militaria Magazine since 1988.

The forgotten units he has documented include not only the 23rd Special Troops, but the Navy Beach Battalions, 29th Ranger Battalion, the Special Engineer Task Force, the Army Color Photography Teams, the 99th Infantry Battalion, and the Negro Volunteer Infantry.

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Traveling Exhibit

Exhibit Itinerary

March 1- May 1 2010, Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan  (Completed)

April 15 to October 31, 2011  Rockland County Historical Society, New City, NY

March-April 2012, Mechanicville NY

June 2-30  2012, Beverly Historical Society, Beverly MA

October-November 2012, Everett Mills, Lawrence MA  (Details to come)

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Production Team

Jacqueline Sheridan


Ghost Army WWII Sheridan
Jacqueline Sheridan  has been involved in the production of a number of television, museum and web based programs for over 15 years. She has worked with Rick Beyer on a number of projects, including A Wired World, Secrets of Jamestown, Godspeed to Jamestown, and Meet the Royals. She loves working on film projects that have anything to do with history.  In the case of The Ghost Army, she feels personally connected and grateful to the American soldiers who liberated Europe - her parents & family members were under occupation in France at the time.  

"It was such an enormous pleasure to meet and spend time with these veterans, and have the opportunity to be a part of this film.   Thanks to all involved.”

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Tim Kennedy

Photo Animation

"Very excited to be apart of the Ghost Army team. I enjoy working with such amazing
Historical images and help bring still photos to life and help tell the story of the Ghost Army."

A long time still image specialist and animator in Boston. Tim helps producers create broadcast animation for numerous production companies in the Boston area. His work has been seen in documentaries for PBS, History Channel, National Geographic, AE Network and TLC.

Tim Kennedy and Dziga MultiMedia continues to provide content creation services for broadcast television, museum installations, corporate and industrial videos for companies ranging from Bioscience and technology companies.

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Richard Bock

Audio Mix

Richard Bock is an Emmy-award winning sound mixer with more than 30 years' experience. He spent eighteen years at WGBH mixing shows for such series as Nova, Frontline, and American Experience. He now works independently for a variety of clients including PBS, The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet. He has worked with filmmaker Rick Beyer on a variety of projects over the last ten years, including Timelab 200, A Wired World, The Wright Challenge, Secrets of Jamestown, and Godspeed to Jamestown.  Seven years ago, he and his wife, Henrietta Davis, hosted the very first fundraiser for The Ghost Army, (along with Rick's sister Cathy Hurst,) helping the fledgling project to get launched.  

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Dave Allen (Yeah, there are two)


 "There are two Dave Allen's working on this film.  Both are talented individuals who have been working in the Boston production scene for a long time.  I wanted to list one of them as "The other Dave Allen" in the credits, but I could never figure out which one that should be!"
                              -Rick Beyer

Dave Allen has been working with Boston's filmaking community for more than 30 years as an editor and colorist. Recent projects include programs appearing on many different venues: Linda Harrar’s “Roots of Health,” Mark Davis’ “Five Years on Mars: The Rovers” (NatGeo), Nature (PBS), Allison Argo’s “Frogs: The Thin Green Line,” John Rubin Production’s “Redwoods: Search for the Living Giants” and “Is That SKUNK?” Nancy Porter and Harriet Reisen's “American Masters: Louisa May Alcott” (PBS), Michal Goldman’s “At Home in Utopia,” Linda Garmon's "The Truth About Cancer" (PBS), Allison Argo's "Crash: A Tale of Two Species" (Nature/PBS), Marty Ostrow and Terry Rockefeller's "Renewal" (PBS), and David Huntley's 13-part History Channel series, "Tougher in Alaska."

he is also a singer/songwriter and DJ.

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Dave Allen

Title Animation

Dave Allen hails from the Emerald Isle where he graduated from the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin. He worked as a print designer and as an animator on films such as 'An America Tale' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' then at Boston's Channel 4 before before becoming a co-found of the National Ministry of Design at National Video in Boston. His title animation, featuring a hand-painted forest where tanks and men appear and disappear, also became the basis for the design of the website and marketing materials for the The Ghost Army

Growing up in Ireland, Dave used to hear stories from WWII from his grandfather, Paddy O'Byrne, who served in Ireland's  Merchant Marine and was awarded a medal for his service. "He was my hero," says Dave, who recalls that his grandfather took him to all the WII movies, such as The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far, and Where Eagles Dare. The stories and the movies instilled an intense interest in WWII, and a great respect for that generation. He generously donated his services to the film.

"I think its a great subject to reveal to the public and in sharing these stories gives us the chance to understand these soldiers bravery and sacrifice. In doing so I hope that they receive the proper recognition and thanks."

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Geof Thurber

Sound Design

Geof Thurber is co-owner of Heart Punch Studio Inc., an audio post production facility in the Allston neighborhood of Boston that provides sound mixing and design as well as narration and ADR services.

Geof started his audio career as a professional musician touring for 15 years as a bass player. He began sound designing in 1991. Emmy nominated, he has created soundscapes that range from the bottom of the ocean to distant galaxies. His primary approach is one of using effected “organic” sound f/x (such as various animal & human elements) combined with aggressive electronically generated f/x.

For this film, he was able to employ the large library of “archival” sound effects that the studio has collected over the years to add realism to the historical footage. In the end, the main goal was hopefully to support and amplify the story and writing, not overwhelm it.

Thurber is also an experienced Foley artist and works closely with all Heart Punch clients.

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Curating the Memory

The Ghost Army Digital Achive

Over the years we have collected digital images of more than a thousand artworks, photos, maps, and artifacts. There are also dozens of hours of video and hundreds of pages of research including transcripts, reports, letters, etc. Taken all together, this is a unique repository of Ghost Army information and artifacts.

We are now raising money to expand, organize, and preserve these archives, with the ultimate goal of donating them to a major institution.  Our goals:

1)  Expand the archives to include artworks, photos, and research that has only become available since the PBS Broadcast.

2)  Organize, label and index material to maximize it historical value

3)  Preserve the collection by acquiring drives for storage and backup, and conducting a search to find the appropriate long-term home for it.  

It is vital that these primary source materials are gathered and preserved in one place, instead of being so scattered that no one can ever bring them together again.  

The  goal is to raise $15,000 for this effort.  Please help if you can.

Credit Card Donation

Press the button to make a secure credit card donation.

Make a Secure Donation Now

Donations by Check

Make checks payable to The Center for Independent Documentary and simply write Ghost Army on the memorandum line. Mail your donation to The Ghost Army production company at:

Plate of Peas Productions
34 Outlook Drive
Lexington, MA 02421

You will receive a receipt from the Center for Independent Documentary for your tax records.

Keep current with ongoing fundraisers through our Facebook page.

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Production Team

Full Production Credis

Written, Directed, and Produced by



Director of Photography

Special thanks to MARTHA GAVIN for her
invaluable contributions to the production

Consulting Producer


Associate Producers

Concept Consultant

Photo Animations

Map Animation

Title Animation

Color Correction

Sound Mix

Sound Design

Additional Camera

Sound Recordists

Camera Assistant

Historical Advisors

Archive Research



Station Relations

Public Relations


Ghost Army Photos and Art


Archive Footage and Stills





Archive Film Transfer

Henninger Video

Equipment Rental

Narration Record

Special Thanks To:


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