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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

Matching Funds campaign

We're in a race against time to earn a matching funds grant for The Ghost Army film.  And we could sure use your help.

Kevin Bacons "Six Degrees charitable organization  is offering a $10,000 matching grant to the six non-profits that get the most donations between now and September 16 through a charity badge.  

What's a charity badge?  It's an online graphic module (or widget)  that lets people read about your charitable cause, see a video about it, and donate.  The badge can be replicated and embedded in websites, blogs, My Space pages, etc. Ours is at right. As you can see, it also keeps the world updated on how many people have donated and how much has been raised through the badge.

As of this writing THE GHOST ARMY badge is in the  the top ten, but it will take the support of people like you to keep that up.  We're trying engage as many donors and raise as much money as possible between now and September 16th. Theres two ways you can help:


If you donate today, it will help keep us in the top 10, and keep our badge in the spotlight. Click Donate on the badge and it will take you to a page where you make a credit card or Pay-Pal donation donation to The Center For Independent Documentary. (That's our 501(c)3 non-profit sponsor.) Even a $10 donation will help move us toward our goal.  ***Important:  On the Designation line please type in THE GHOST ARMY.


This is as important as donating, maybe even more so. We are trying to engage the largest number of donors as possible. Please consider sending an email to friends and colleagues, trying to enlist their support.  Again, they don't have to give much, just $10 apiece would help. Perhaps you can put a charity badge on your website. Do you know someone who has a popular blog or website--maybe they could put a list, along with a short note on why it would be great if they could donate now? In short, we're asking you to do anything  anything you can to help get as many people to donate as possible. Hit the Share button to get the code you need to put a copy of the badge someplace.  

Please help!  We'll keep you updated on progress as we go.