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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

The Experts

Jon Gawne

Jon Gawne
Jonathan Gawne M. Ed., M.A. is a military historian specializing in the U.S. Army from 1916-1945. His main interests are in the development of uniforms and equipment, insignia, and documenting little known units that might otherwise be forgotten.

He has written a number of books, including Spearheading D-Day, Battle for Brest, Finding Your Father's War, and Ghosts of the ETO, a book that draws on numerous interviews with veterans and extensive archival research to tell the story of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.  In addition he has written a number of articles on various aspects of the American Army, and has been a principal contributor to Militaria Magazine since 1988.

The forgotten units he has documented include not only the 23rd Special Troops, but the Navy Beach Battalions, 29th Ranger Battalion, the Special Engineer Task Force, the Army Color Photography Teams, the 99th Infantry Battalion, and the Negro Volunteer Infantry.