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The Ghost Army

World War II's Artists of Deception

The Film

Film Festival Entries

Film Festival Entries
The Ghost Army has been entered into ten film festivals so far.  Every one  is highly competitive, and we will be very lucky to get into one or two. This page lists festivals which have either selected the film, or are still considering it.  

Salem Film Fest
Salem, MA
Notification Date: Early Jan.
Festival Dates:  3/7/13 -3/14/13

Austin, Tx.
Notification Date:  2/9/13
Festival Dates: 3/8/13  - 3/17/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Ann Arbor Film Festival
Ann Arbor, MI
Notification Date: 2/22/13
Festival Dates: 3/19/13 – 3/24/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Durham, NC
Notification Date:3/1/2013
Festival Dates:  4/4/2013-4/7/2013
Status:  Under Consideration

IFF Boston
Boston, MA
Notification Date: 3/25/13
Festival Dates:  4/24/13 – 4/30/13

GI Film Festival
Washington, DC
Notification Date: 4/1/12
Festival Dates: 5/6/13 - 5/12/13
Status:  Under Consideration

Depending on what happens, the film may also be entered into these festivals.

Rhode Island


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